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The #1 Inbox solution for outbound sales

One Master Inbox and Opportunities Board.
Unlimited email accounts.

Connect all of your outbound email accounts to one master inbox, create opportunities and manage your full sales cycle in one place.
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Managing 10, 100 or 1000 inboxes is messy and complicated.
HotHawk gets you organised and puts everything in one easy to manage Master Inbox.

HotHawk is designed for sales people that do cold outreach by email

Easily create sales opportunities from positive email replies and manage all positive replies in an opportunities board that you can customise to match your own sales process.
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We are blown away with all the beta testing support!
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The best Master Inbox experience connected to its very own sales Opportunities Board.
HotHawk is not only the best Master Inbox solution on the market, it's also the cheapest offering you maximum value for money.

How HotHawk Works

Continue sending email campaigns with the tools you already use.
Keep sending with these, manage the replies with HotHawk.
Connect Unlimited email accounts to HotHawk.
We support all leading mail service providers.
Receive all inbound emails in your new Master Inbox.
We even pull in emails from your spam box!Nothing gets missed.
Running multiple outreach projects for different clients and need more than one Inbox & Opportunities board?
Use our different 'Workspaces' and connect different email accounts to different Workspaces, giving you a totally new inbox per client.
Action every email in the Master Inbox until you achieve Inbox Zero.
By using just 3 simple buttons, you can work through your replies faster than ever before.
Move positive replies to your new Opportunities Board and kickstart the sales process.
Customise the deal stages to match your sales process.
Unlimited inbox managers.
Give your team limited (or unlimited) access to your master inbox and opportunities.
Team member assignment.
Collaborate seamlessly by assigning reminders and emails to team members.
Create notes on opportunities.
Leave important notes and reminders within each individual opportunity so you always remember what stage you are at.
Threaded email conversations
Keep email conversations organised and easy to follow with threaded replies.

Generate a report showing
Activity and Revenue

The best cold outreach report you have ever seen.

What else can HotHawk do?

A lead asked you to follow up in X days/weeks/months?
Set Follow Up reminders and never forget to chase a lead again.
Handling Out Of Office Auto Replies
Mark inbound mail as Out Of Office and easily track leads you need to hit again.
Leave Notes on Opportunties
Leave yourself simple notes that help you remember exactly what you are doing with each active opportunity.
Keeping an eye on all of your 'spam' folders
Positive replies from leads can sometimes land in your spam box, HotHawk will pull all of these and bring them forward to the Master Inbox so nothing is missed.
Keep unwanted mail out of the inbox
Warmup emails, Out of Office or 'Message Not Delivered' are automatically filtered out of the inbox so you only focus on what matters

Manage high volumes of positive inbound enquiries and make sales faster.

The #1 Inbox solution for outbound sales
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  • Connect 3 Email Accounts
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  • Connect Unlimited Email Accounts
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  • Connect Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Workspaces
  • Unlimited Additional Team Members


What is a Workspace?
A workspace is one master inbox and one opportunities board. You can connect unlimited email accounts to 1 workspace and they will feed into the same inbox. If you are an individual or business this is all you need, however if you are an agency working for multiple clients and require multiple inboxes and opportunities boards then you will require multiple workspaces.
What email account providers can I connect?
You can connect Google, Microsoft and IMAP/SMTP mailboxes.

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